Fotograf Festival X

Despite constant movement, networking, exchange and an abundance of information, we rarely come into contact with the completely unknown, the unexpected – the other. Personalised newsfeeds reinforce our perceptions of ourselves in the world, nourish our feelings and experiences, confirm our position among our peers. In the context of an increasingly globalized society, ever more emphasis is placed on the uniqueness of a person’s identity. At the same time, the call for social and national boundaries and exclusion is becoming louder. To avoiding losing the ground beneath our feet we remain in familiar territory, eluding contact with situations that we cannot categorise, that throw us off balance, demand we step into the unknown or potentially force us to confront ourselves (our insecurities or ineptitudes). We lose sight of the Other in our universal connectedness. The current global pandemic, however, reveals how physically interdependent we all are.

Against this background, the FF #10 strives to give space to works that facilitate encounters with the Other and to revive the function that in this sense can be attributed to the documentary media of photography and film. The ambivalence of these media, suggesting closeness while generating alienation, is probed as are its limitations. Manners of viewing the Other are explored that contrast with the “gaze” of media, social and governmental systems.

The invited photographers and filmmakers present their visions, observations or studies of a specific place, everyday practices or life. They question their own motivation and make the collision, the boundary, the approximation and permeability between “I” and the Other visible or palpable. With eight group exhibitions the festival examines the wide range of perspectives between proximity and distance, establishing contact and overstepping boundaries, self-confirmation and confrontation with the Other.

Curators: Stephanie Kiwitt, Tereza Rudolf, Anna Voswinckel


Fotograf Festival is organised by Fotograf 07 z.s.
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About festival

The Fotograf Festival explores intersections in photography and contemporary art – just like its partner projects – Fotograf Gallery and Fotograf Magazine. Festival is held in Autumn months and it presents current topic through solo as well as group exhibitions prepared in cooperation with invited domestic or foreign curators in various Prague galleries and institutions. A series of discussions, atist talks, site-specific events, public space exhibitions, projections and guided/commented tours accompany that exhibition program. Fotograf Festival is the only thematic- and curator-conceived photography festival in the Czech Republic. Its aim is to promote the photographic medium and its broader integration into contemporary art and into the conscience of the general public.

The discussions, at which invited experts debate each other on the current festival theme in the context of visual art, are meant not only for the expert public, but for the lay public as well. Fotograf Festival looks to build a tradition and a new platform for a photography festival that places Prague among other important centers for photography and the visual arts in Europe.  It strives to share contemporary photographic art and the creation of a thematically-focused space where the general public and experts from around the world can meet.

Festival organizer

Patronage of the festival

The Fotograf Festival is organised by the Fotograf 07 z.s. with the support of the City Council of Prague (600 000 CZK), the Czech Ministry of Culture and State Fund of Culture Czech Republic.